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One-Hundred Percent FREE PRODUCTS From iKuma Incorporated!




Posted by: Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien

If you want to see all of the things that iKuma Incorporated has made and or is working on currently, click the link above, and you will then be led to our SkyDrive account, where you can download games and applications for either PowerPoint, OpenOffice, ProPresenter, and or, most definitely, the iKuma All In One Emulator!  These files are support by all of them, and, for the most part they should work perfectly, except for the occasional linked or embedded object in ' All In One Emulator.  We've worked especially hard to bring you this amazing venue of entertainment, so we really hope that you enjoy the products we have here for you to offer!  Thanks, and have fun!

Postscript: There are three things I think you should know.

1. To download a product, click on either the posting slash uploading time, my name, or the date on which I uploaded the file; then click on the download word to the right in that little menu thing.  Whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT; if you do, it will open a window that DOES let you preview the product, but that will be VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get out of, unless you know where to click!

Basically, long story short, to download a file, click on the black text next to the product's file name, and NOT the blue text that IS the product's file name; then click the blue word download, which you'll see on the right.

2. Since I am the CEO of iKuma Incorporated, I put my name as the username; so, please don't be surprised.

3.  ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% FREE!  You may choose to have none, one or all; whatever you do, you'll never have to pay us a single cent, pent, peso, rupee, euro, or yen!



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